Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.06.31 AMThere is a new Archaeogaming channel on YouTube, which launched on May 25, 2017. It currently features a 14-minute introductory video, “This is Archaeogaming,” which I made for The Interactive Past Conference Online sponsored by the Value Project at the University of Leiden. I plan to make one short archaeogaming film per month on the various flavors of archaeogaming that keep me up at night. The more I study video game archaeology, the less I know about it, and the weirder it gets. Here’s the silly video I made:

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite the archaeogaming community to submit videos to the YouTube channel on the stuff that interests you. Anything from discussions to recorded conference talks to vlogs to let’s-play videos. I’m happy to host them. If you’re interested or have a video to share, drop me a line.

While we’re talking archaeogaming and YouTube, other people and collectives have made videos available for video game archaeologists everywhere:

  • The Value Project‘s channel holds over 30 videos including let’s-play sessions and recorded videos of the 2016 The Interactive Past conference in Leiden. The Value Project also has an active Twitch presence.
  • Tara Copplestone’s Gaming Archaeo channel has over two dozen videos.
  • The Archaeo Games channel features videos for a German-speaking audience.
  • The Anarchaeologist has a few archaeogaming let’s-play videos for Assassin’s Creed 3.
  • There’s also Archaeo, with a gaming channel featuring game play-throughs.

I hope to add to this list as more people make archaeogaming videos.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming


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