Archaeogaming continues to be published as peer-reviewed journal articles, popular archaeology magazine articles, book chapters, and standalone monographs. The bibliography section hopes to provide a few publications focusing on archaeogaming and the history and pedagogy of digital games and gaming. This page aims to serve as a list academic publications on the topic as a starting point. The media page aims to highlight archaeogaming in the news and media.

Andrew Reinhard has created a home for archaeogaming publications on Zenodo, the Open Access research platform. If you had your work published, please add it to Zenodo and include it in the Archaeogaming community there.

Relevant Sites


The Geek Anthropologist,

First Person Scholar,

Open Access Journals

Game Studies,

Analogue Game Studies,

GAME: The Italian Journal of Game Studies,

Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture,

Well Played,

Press Start,


Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association,

Games and Culture, Sage Publishing.
**Only some content is open access on a case by case basis


NOTE: This list is always growing, but can serve as a starting point for finding published archaeogaming scholarship. If you have published something on archaeogaming, or if you would like to add archaeogaming bibliography, please email your citation(s) to archaeogaming(archaeogaming at gmail dot com). Scholarship in languages other than English are welcome.