I’m going to give you the key to Archaeogaming. Well, to one of you anyway.

With luck I’ll successfully defend my PhD at the University of York in December 2019, and who knows what will happen after that? Over the course of my research and writing, it has become clear in my mind that interactive digital entertainment (i.e., video games) has been a gateway all along, something leading me into understanding digital built heritage and machine-created culture. After six years I think I’m at the point where I’ve taken archaeogaming as far as I can, but I know that some of you can take it further. I hope you do.

So how will this work? I’m not going to do an egg hunt a la Ready Player One. Instead, if you want to take over and really put some fresh, new thinking into it, then drop me a line at, let’s say by May 1. I’ll work with you on the transition, and then it’s your baby. Oh, and you’ll also get the Archaeogaming Twitter account.

What’s in it for You?

You get full control (both technical and creative) of, the Archaeogaming Twitter account, and the Archaeogaming email address.

I will continue to pay all annual fees for the blog until the blog ceases to exist. This means you can run the site for free and will not privilege one person over another because of finances. Your creative brain is what’s important here.

What’s Next?

Send me something by May 1, 2019, via to express your intent and vision for It can be whatever you like. Text, image, video, game. All of the above. None of the above. I’ll make my decision by May 15. The transition will happen on June 1.


Anyone can apply no matter what. You can live anywhere, speak any language. What’s important is your creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment to taking games archaeology (including board and tabletop games, finally) in a different direction. When the site is yours, it’s yours, but I do ask that you keep it inclusive, welcoming to all, and Open Access.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming (for now)


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