The audience at The Interactive Past Conference 2 watches the film of the Legacy Hub Archaeological Project, 8 October 2018. Image: VALUE Foundation.

I conducted the Legacy Hub Archaeological Project in between the release of No Man’s Sky v1.3 (Atlas Rises) and v1.5 (NEXT), documenting the abandoned player settlements and communication stations of the old Galactic HUB with its capital planet of Lennon (aka Drogradur NO425). This 22-minute film showcases some of the discoveries and explains more about the project. A full article will appear in 2018/19, and all photos and video will be archived with the Archaeological Data Service (ADS) to be publicly shared. Special thanks to HUB founder Syn1334 and HUB Heritage expert Zaz Ariins for their invaluable assistance. Any errors are my own. To read more, see or browse Twitter at

Download the 4-song MP3 soundtrack for free! CC-BY-NC (direct download)

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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