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Part of my No Man’s Sky archaeology project is to find the homeworlds of those players who left their star systems in search of the Galactic Hub prior to the release of the Atlas Rises Update. What had these players left behind on their pilgrimage to a new society? One such base, the Heart of Sosashibukay, was built by Jen1892 in 2017, a vertical farm containing the cash crops of Pathfinder. Little did I know when I visited on 3 July 2018 that it was another example of a partially buried base, and that the climate change event of August 11, 2017, had replaced much of the surrounding water with new land.

Jen1892’s base on 9 April 2017.

Anatomy of Sosashibukay

Planet: Sosashibukay
Base Name: Heart of Sosashibukay
Discovered/Built by: Jen1892
System: Orhofl-Nazage

Type: “Flourishing” moon
Weather: Sweltering Damp
Sentinels: Regular
Flora: Frequent. According to the Discoveries log, 6 flora species have been logged.
Fauna: Numerous. Also based on the Discoveries log, 11/12 animal species have been recorded. Some have been renamed (e.g., Rex, Bob, and Deer).

Economy: Ore Processing // High Supply
Dominant Lifeform: Vy’keen
Conflict Level: Unthreatening

Planet Base Coordinates: 08C3:007F:0E10:00AB
Portal Coordinates: pie pie hexagon whale pie pie ship bird bird pie tent moon

Resources (according to the log): Frost Crystal, Cymatogen, Nickel, Heridium.

Exterior Temp: Range between 96.8 F, 0.5 Rad, 10.7 Tox (day) and 83.3 F, 1.5 Rad, 6.0 Tox (night)
Storms: Twice a day (extreme heat, +220 F)
Length of Day: 1 real-time minute = 45 minutes. 32 real-time minutes = 1 day.
Sunrise: 0400
Sunset: 2000



6 Waypoints discovered all on December 23, 2016 by jen1892.

Communication Stations

There is one solo communication station a 31-minute walk to the northwest. A cluster of comm balls lies an hour’s walk to the southwest.

  1. One comm station marks the location of a portal, placed by jen1892. The cluster of comm balls lies one hour to the east.

The cluster of four comm stations surrounds the perimeter of a habitable base location, which used to be the site of an earlier Pathfinder base also built by Jen1892.

  1. Fullman_Katz. Blue with orange trim. Beautiful Planet & Very Creative Base –FK. Set atop a pillar of Heridium. South-southeast of unit.
  2. imperialforce8. White with red trim. Awesome planet wish I had a base here –TSG. Set on ridge overlooking base unit. South of unit.
  3. AlbertGraham2778. Orange with blue trim. Great Base. Nice Moat. Great Views. Placed near base unit. East of unit.
  4. OldMcReaper88. Red with black trim. Hello from The Spacing Guild! 5.31.17 🙂 Placed on peak overlooking base unit. Southeast of unit.

The base unit ID is: Nudtiapa-Lody Outpost.


The moon Sosashibukay is a patchwork of small, grassy islands amidst purple seas. Plains of blue and green long-bladed grass are dotted with flowering weeds and copses of short, flat-topped trees mixed with yellow plein trees. Berms of rock emerge from the rolling hills as well as towers of cymatogen and occasional caves. The horizon is dominated by its planet Aniwakishi Asukh, and the system’s two other more distant planets. The night sky glows under a red aurora.

Base Description

At first glance, the Heart of Sosashibukay base appears to have just been constructed, but two clues hint at its actual age (dates of the Waypoints notwithstanding). First, two rows of 12 Star Brambles each are suspended ca. 3m in the air, just outside an airlock, which in theory should have allowed easy access to the plants instead of a precipitous drop. Comparing the current remains with a 2017 image, this is indeed the case: a walkway led to an outdoor Star Bramble planter.

Outside features include a landing pad just to the southwest of the base, and an outdoor, fenced Albumen Pearl farm consisting of five rows of 6 plants per row, connected to one of two ground-level entrances, this one being a holographic door. The glassed antechamber contains four Gamma Weed hydroponic trays preceding a double-airlock into the central base unit to the north. The base unit contains the normal things: teleporter, base ID, and vendor, along with an active Trade Terminal (Outpost E/9-L44/P38). Another holographic door opens to the outside to the north, with volunteer Frostwort and Gamma Weed plants nearby.

The base is mostly a vertical farm consisting of landings with hydroponic trays connecting to three hydroponic domes on various levels. The entire tower is glassed, offering 360-degree views. One must use a jetpack to hop from level to level. The first landing contains two Gamma Weed trays, and features the airlock opening onto empty space with a view to the floating rows of Star Brambles. The second landing has one tray each of Gamma Weed and Coprite Flower. The landing connects to a dome of 8 Solar Vines and 5 Frostwort plants. The landing above contains another tray each of Gamma Weed and Coprite Flower, and leads to a dome of 8 Gamma Weed, 4 Fungal Cluster, and 2 Echnocactus. The third landing also contains two trays, one of Gamma Weed and the other of Coprite Flower. The attached dome holds 11 Gamma Weed and 2 Coprite Flower. An airlock one level up opens onto a rooftop landing pad.

I discovered a photo of the original base posted by @BLONDIE_NMS on Twitter, and saw that nearly one-third of the tower might be buried underground with two airlocks at the base, plus a ramp and walkway to a racetrack starting pad. Excavation revealed this to be the case, but the racetrack starting area and most of its platform are now gone. The airlock leading to the ramp is able to be opened, but the interior room is rock-filled and cannot be excavated. The second airlock one level down is largely underwater, and its chamber is also filled with rock.

Jen1892 had built another base on this moon, which is evidenced by the comm station cluster at the original site. A video of that base was recorded in 2017, which means this base likely pre-dates the one currently on the moon. Both bases were from the Pathfinder era.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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