No Man's Sky_20180701080435
The “guest book” at the original site of Serenity Villa on The Bluegrass Planet in the Legacy Hub as of 1 July 2018.

The blurb on reddit began:

Are you tired of being shot down by pirates? Space stations looking a little sterile? Need a little “me time”? Do you yearn for simple pleasures like grilled seafood, an Earth style “sit down toilet”, and stunning ocean views? How about a shower that actually involves water and no space suction pipes?

Player SilfenPaths created the Serenity Villa resort on a paradise planet in the hub, The Bluegrass Planet, so named because of its long-blade blue grass covering countless lush islands. The post contained directions on how to get there, and instructions on how to leave messages in the “guest book”, a cliff wall nearby. It even included a dig site, which was one of the first to feature human-made structures intentionally placed underground. The resort was built, the invitation sent, and over 40 players made the quick journey from the Hub’s capital of Lennon to take in the sea air, enjoy a diplo (dinosaur) steak, and leave a message.

As will be seen in a future field report, the base is now gone, possibly wiped out by the version 1.3 update or by the construction of another base within the Bluegrass system. What remains is a legacy of human occupation and abandonment in a world now plunged in extreme cold. One communication station included an invitation to visit that player’s homeworld, which is the subject of another future post.

Anatomy of Ilofsberuml

Planet: Ilofsberuml (née The Bluegrass Planet)
Base Name: Serenity Villa
Discovered/Built by: Planet discovered by IdiopathicAnimus. Base built by SilfenPaths.
Legacy Hub (formerly Galactic Hub)
System: {HUB-K-125} The Bluegrass System {Ra} System // B8p

Type: “Icy” planet
Weather: Drifting Snowstorms
Sentinels: Average
Flora: Generous. According to the Discoveries log, 0 plant species have been recorded.
Fauna: Infrequent. Also based on the Discoveries log, 0 of 11 animal species have been documented.

Economy: Mining // Prosperous
Dominant Lifeform: Vy’keen
Conflict Level: Sporadic

Planet Base Coordinates: 0469:0081:0D6D:0125
Portal Coordinates: pie bird face balloon pie face balloon ship tree tent ship hexagon.

Resources (according to the log): Star Bulb, Cymatogen, Nickel, Heridium

Exterior Temp: -91.3 F, 0.2 Rad, 7.6 Tox (day)
Storms: none
Length of Day: 1 real-time minute = 45 minutes. 32 real-time minutes = 1 day.
Sunrise: 0400
Sunset: 2000


0 Waypoints discovered on May 30 and June 30, 2018.

However, 13 Waypoints appeared on The Bluegrass Planet on July 1, 2018, with Online Services active. These were discovered between April 4 and August 17, 2017. April 4, 2017, was when the Serenity Villa base was expanded by SilfenPaths.

2 waypoints discovered by Adonie75 on April 4, 2017
2 waypoints discovered by AndyKrycek on April 5, 2017
3 waypoints discovered by SilfenPaths on April 29, 2017
1 waypoint discovered by SilfenPaths on April 30, 2017
1 waypoint discovered by TheSilverManson on May 4, 2017
1 waypoint discovered by SilfenPaths on May 9, 2017
1 waypoint discovered by JacksonVurt on May 18, 2017
2 waypoints discovered by IdiopathicAnimus on August 17, 2017

Communication Stations

I observed 0 on May 30, 2018. Syn1334 recorded, “Cluster of comms surrounding empty base module, including “Serenity Villa may have been moved by 1.3” message from base architect.” I did not see the base unit or any indication of comm stations during my visit (PS4, Normal). NOTE: Online services were NOT showing as active.

No Man's Sky_20180701080953
Comm Station cluster at the site of Serenity Villa, 1 July 2018. Numbers correspond to the table below.

On July 1, I returned to see what remained after touring the newer base at The Bluegrass Moon (report forthcoming). The planet has a few scattered locations of communication stations, including one main cluster. I started with a grouping of two outliers (nos. 1–2) near a habitable base (Halute Base), which hinted at the absence of a player base. No. 3 is an outlier in the middle of nowhere with a planetary address and the invitation to visit (report forthcoming).

The cluster of 45 comm stations surrounds a now-vacant, generic habitable base unit (Oqoma-Ryus Colony) at the site of what used to be Serenity Villa. One comm station (no. 4) lies underwater nearby, with a vaguely threatening message of “sleep well” from the Void Empire. The bulk of the cluster is just west of the base either on the ground or atop the rim overlooking the base and the sea behind it. The placement of the comms was likely directed by the messaging left by Silfen as seen in this video:

No. Color Placed By Text Note
1 Orange JimmyTwoThumbs What base? 😦 Near habitable base unit and no. 2
2 Orange FatherMac Hmmm Near habitable base unit and no. 1
3 Red w black trim damon8r351 Come find me. 0E96:007E:0903:0013. -B.H.
4 Orange Isthidro Sleep well [*VOID*] EMPIRE Cluster (underwater)
5 Yellow w black trim meep17793 This is the hq of ashonian enterprises Cluster (outside base entrance)
6 Orange SilfenPaths Serenity Villa was probably moved by 1.3 Cluster (outside base entrance)
7 Orange HurleyGuy139 Hi from Gulf Shores Alabama Cluster
8 Orange neutrons1234 Monument for 1.3 patch day Cluster
9 Orange mitsubisix Hello!!!!!! Cluster
10 Orange dtippetts Greetings from HUB8! -dtippetts 4/29/17 Cluster
11 Orange onyxetdali AwesomeBase Cluster
12 White w blue trim VanCorc Nice place! VanCorc for President! 170528 Cluster
13 Orange westie02 Not the worse Cluster
14 Orange ozzyboy97 My base is on the Bluegrass Moon stop by Cluster
15 White w red trim Theo-Sama Hi Cluster
16 Orange TheSilverManson Best Holiday in the galaxy! Cluster
17 Orange Hasebub Visit my base [HUB-V] Gründerwahn Cluster
18 Orange SmeeMont Coolest base ive seen yet! Cluster (in cave)
19 White w blue trim watchthedeath Beautiful Cluster
20 Orange Mister_Spyke Thanks for the dip! Cluster
21 Orange BoomstickJoe Greetings Interloper! Cluster (embedded in cliff wall)
22 Orange dwshort Interesting design 6\25\2017 Cluster
23 White w red trim Coffeewrite The robots weren’t depressed – Arthur Dent Cluster
24 Orange xPatrick305x Helllllooooooo Cluster
25 Orange Awesomebob74 /u/chefbarbie74 visits 4/18/17 Cluster
26 Orange w blue trim Ryder_E-E The meal was delicious, 5 stars! Nice pool Cluster
27 Orange jen1892 08C3007F0E1000AB Itolownset Cl Orhofliche Cluster
28 Orange GPaulJr Renbellan Expanse [HUB-K-164] Verdant Moon Cluster
29 Orange darklight1977 Greetings Cluster
30 Yellow w black trim DarkSkyWatch Outstanding.Love the dig area Cluster
31 Red w black trim OldMcReaper88 Best diplo steak in the hub. 5 stars 🙂 Cluster
32 Orange art-nik Greetings from the Bez-Harr Concern Cluster
33 Orange FreznoSmooth99 Looted by Frezno the friendly space pirate Cluster
34 Orange Fresa_V My 1st visit to another base-so cool! Cluster
35 Orange Jacob_2000_Lol My base has a large pearl farm ;P Cluster
36 Yellow w black trim THEKINGSNAKE Chose one of my systems, I’m hobored 🙂 Cluster (embedded in cliff wall)
37 White w blue trim WumpWilliam First Time in RE and I find this!! -Wump Cluster (embedded in cliff wall)
38 Orange Maroc-22- Nice. My base is in the Bisticabi Boundary Cluster (cliff shelf)
39 Orange Zethar3 Thank you for sharing. My Cosmic sibling. Cluster (cliff shelf)
40 White w red trim hollyworks You Should list this on Air B-n-B! Cluster (rim)
41 Yellow w black trim Elmosuperfly Sweet base – Good service Cluster (cliff shelf)
42 Orange JacksonVurt Japanese al fresco toilet. Nice! Cluster (embedded in cliff wall)
43 Orange buddy825c Rip my FPS 😀 Cluster (embedded in cliff wall)
44 Red w black trim Kowski42 Aether Corps Patrol: Thanks for the R&R Cluster (rim)
45 Orange SmartestPerson The Galactic Federation Was Here Cluster (rim)
46 Green termy66 I might have clogged your toilet. Sorry. Cluster (rim)
47 Yellow w black trim Bo0nd0ck_Sa1nt_7 Love the fish…. Cluster (rim)
48 Orange BIG_CETO I borrowed some of your plants. Cluster (rim)

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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