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On approach to the sacred planet of Lofamy Rebleth, 16 June 2018.

Lofamy: Lore, Fable, and Myth. It is a “sacred” planet, and another of the key worlds Travelers may choose to visit while creating their own path through the universe of No Man’s Sky. What used to be a place for Travelers to leave a communication station as the starting point to their galactic journey, placed in the Inter-Sacred Rainforest (pictured below), is now a hot wasteland filled with aggressive Sentinels. The lore-based comm stations are all lost, and the parched planet waits for rain that will never come.

No Man's Sky_20170405201821
The Inter-Sacred Rainforest of Lofamy Rebleth, 6 April 2017.

Anatomy of Lofamy Rebleth

Lofamy Rebleth
Legacy Hub
System: Pudovi III (née [HUB-G-A5] Myjego)
Base Name: Unknown
Player: Elytron77

Type: “Forsaken” planet
Weather: Moderate
Sentinels: Threatening
Flora: Deficient. There are 0 flora species to log.
Fauna: None.

Economy: Technology // Developing
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Conflict Level: Fractious

Planet Base Coordinates: 0469:0082:0D6D:00A5
Portal Coordinates: pie pie hexagon Balloon pie dinosaur balloon ship tree tent ship hexagon

Resources (according to the log): Viridium, Copper, Heridium.


Rocky, mountainous, and the color of sulfur with occasional small mesas under constant guard by aggressive Sentinels. One can only leave the safety of one’s ship for about 15 seconds before the drones arrive, begin firing, and summon backup.


2 Waypoints discovered on March 22, 2017, and April 5, 2017, both by player Elytron77, who is listed as the discoverer of this planet.

Base Description

There used to be a base here, but is no longer discoverable. I did find one generic base unit five hours to the west of the only remaining communication stations.

Comm Stations

Only two communication stations remain on Lofamy Rebleth:

  1. 1:1>We do not know WHO we are,but every>4B (Orange, player unknown, floating several meters above the surface and only accessible by ship)
  2. 3 update test, hello! (Orange, placed by nieoceniony)

According to No Man’s Sky and Galactic Hub lore:

[Hub-G-A5] Mygejo is a star system in the universe of No Man’s Sky. It is the home system to planet Lofamy Rebleth, where all of the player-created INTRODUCTORY Communications Station lore writings are placed. All of the HUB user-made stories branch off from this solar system. It is a great star system to visit for an interloper looking either to start writing their own stories or track down the texts of others.

and from the lore page about the planet:

While this planet is devoid of any fauna, landscapes are still beautiful and the rain can be soothing when indoors. The most interesting quality of Lofamy Rebleth is that it is the gathering place for all of the beginnings of interloper-created in-game lore in the form of communication stations. Find one, and follow its path; see where it takes you. Go on a pilgrimage for enlightenment. If you feel like writing your own, find a new place to hide your first communication station on the surface of Lofamy Rebleth. Use the notation from the Star Scribe Project and take to the skies to write the rest of your story among nearby stars. Lofamy Rebleth’s name is derived from the words for “Lore”, “Fable”, and “Myth” because it is the sacred land for the written texts of The Travelers.

There is nothing left to track down on the planet. The curious comm, though, is the one regarding testing v1.3. The player’s name, nieoceniony, is a Polish word meaning “invaluable.” I was unable to find a record of this player in the Hub census, but the player did place a comm ball at the Cave of Forgotten Comm Stations.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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