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Meridian Village, 17 June 2018.

Meridian used to be a forested world with the Meridian Village Grand Prix race track. Now the planet is stripped of trees, its name has changed, and the Meridian Village player-base has relocated itself an hour’s walk away, the original site buried and ringed by submerged communication stations. This is yet another example of a movable base in No Man’s Sky with the original site still marked by comms.

Anatomy of Meridian

Elgasiak Abgas (née Meridian)
Legacy Hub
System: Madyemk (née [HUB8-K-62] Einstein)
Base Name: Meridian Village
Player: Ryder_E-E

Type: “High Radio Source” planet
Weather: Frost
Sentinels: Relaxed
Flora: High. According to the Discoveries log, 5 common plant species have been discovered, but none appear to have survived the universal reset.
Fauna: Ordinary. Also based on the Discoveries log, all 5/6 animal species have been recorded.

Economy: Research // Comfortable
Dominant Lifeform: Korvax
Conflict Level: Low

Planet Base Coordinates: 0469:0081:0D6C:0062
Portal Coordinates: pie pie ship face pie face balloon ship shuttle tent ship hexagon

Resources (according to the log): Star Bulb, Gold, Copper, Heridium. I only observed Heridium and Emeril on this planet.


Rolling hills and short mountains make of the landscape of the planet once known as Meridian. Occasional floating hemispheres of rock cast shadows on the ground. The land itself is rich in mushrooms and tall, leafy plants and other, shorter shrubbery.

No Man's Sky_20180617075819


4 Waypoints discovered between May 6, 2017 and June 4, 2017, all by player Ryder_E-E.

Base Description

Meridian Village is a combination of generic base unit and a nearby roundhouse connected to a small hydroponic farm. A signal booster stands at the eastern edge of the site. The generic base unit is to the north with a Korvax vendor and Base ID. A blue flag waves atop this base containing a pattern of which and orange circles in a blue field.

Across from the base’s entrance is the entrance to the green botany unit. The round room contains hydroponic trays for one sample each of NipNip Buds, Albumen Pearl Orb, Gamma Weed, Frostwort, Coprite Flower, and Gravitino Host. A short hall to the west opens onto a small rectangular room containing two decorative trade terminals. The main attraction it the hydroponic greenhouse containing two aisles, the western of which contains 14 Fungal Clusters. The eastern aisle has 14 Echinocactus. Two Standing Planters flank the entrance. At the opposite end of the greenhouse an airlock door opens onto the planet’s surface.

According to the Galactic Hub’s wiki, the Meridian Village Grand Prix Racetrack was once here, but no evidence of it remains.

Comm Stations

On my first visit on June 16, 2018, there were no communication stations visible. Note that Online Services were off at the time.

Returning to Meridian on June 17, 2018, with Online Services active, a cluster of nine comm stations appeared, buried near a generic base unit a one-hour’s walk to the southeast of the current location of Meridian Village.

Most of the nine comm balls hint at a previous base built by Ryder_E-E, but indicate that this might be the original location of Ryder’s first base prior to the creation of Meridian Village. The note of the resource candensium is the old, Pathfinder term for what is now called “gamma root.” A mention of “gel” is also made, but neither gel nor gamma root are found at the current base. Gamma root no longer exists on the planet.

No. Color Placed By Text
1 Yellow w black trim kinmar_x Impressive, many thx!
2 Orange MrHeartday91 Can I order some tea, please?
3 Blue AndyKrycek Thanks for the gel my friend!
4 Orange tim5570115 TY4 Cn from HUB5-V-DO-B
5 Red w black trim N1MMERS4TT Danke nochmal, Ryder 😉
6 Orange w blue trim Ryder_E-E Hello Interloper, enjoy your stay. 🙂
7 White w red trim hollyworks Lovely layout! Very pretty planet!
8 Orange xPatrick305x Nice base, thanks for the candensium
9 Orange GribbleGrunger Lovely jubbly 🙂

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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