No Man's Sky_20180521222325
ButterBase 1.3 as of May 21, 2018.

The most interesting thing about investigating ButterBase 1.3 was not what I did find, but the promise of what I would discover. I had heard about a Temple, which was built back in the days of the Pathfinder update by Council member ButterForTheKing in his eponymous system in the Galactic Hub. One picture of the old temple is available online, which you can see below. Unfortunately, that base is no longer visible on its original planet, either having been completely deconstructed intentionally or perhaps overwritten. Instead ButterForTheKing created a new base on a nearby, mostly comfortable and quite picturesque world. The original homeworld is now a cold, rocky wasteland. While not a “legacy” base in the sense that I have been using (bases created prior to version 1.3), ButterBase 1.3 is of some historical importance because it contains a farewell note from one of the Hub’s earliest settlers, and is itself an abandoned structure, albeit one more recently built than the other bases recorded so far in this survey.

Returning to the original world (BKUA-04 ButterKingdom), there is no indication of habitation or even visitors. There are no communication stations here.

The Old Temple of ButterForTheKing

Anatomy of Lajodanssysl

Planet: Lajodanssysl (once called BKUA-03-Moistlands)
Base Name: ButterBase 1.3
Discovered/Built by: ButterForTheKing
Legacy Hub (formerly Galactic Hub)
System: UA-HUBx-V-3C-ButterBase

Type: “Humid” planet
Weather: Blistering Damp
Sentinels: Passive
Flora: Rich. According to the Discoveries log, there is no planetary fauna, but this is clearly not the case.
Fauna: Ample. Also based on the Discoveries log, no flora varieties have been discovered, but there are many different species available for scanning.


Economy: Experimental // Destitute
Dominant Lifeform: Vy’keen
Conflict Level: Critical

Planet Base Coordinates: UAKE:0469:0082:0D6D:003C (from a signal booster I placed about a 1-minute walk away from the base.)
Portal Coordinates: pie pie dinosaur tent pie dinosaur balloon ship tree tent ship hexagon

Resources (according to the log): Gold, Iridium, Heridium. I visually confirmed the presence of the latter two.

Exterior Temp: Range between 96.3 F, 0.3 Rad, 16.8 Tox (day) and 84.1 F, 1.3 Rad, 5.9 Tox (night)
Storms: Once every ca. 15 minutes
Length of Day: 1 real-time minute = 45 minutes on Lajodanssysl. 32 real-time minutes = 1 day on Lajodanssysl.
Sunrise: 0400
Sunset: 2000

Circumference: ca. 8 minutes (480 seconds) at 4756u/s = 2,282,880u or ca. 2,282ku (exactly the same as Drogradur)
Diameter: ca. 726ku
Volume: 2 x 108 u = 200,358,829u

No Man's Sky_20180521221522

Waypoints: 0 Waypoints discovered, making it impossible to know when the planet was settled, although “1.3” in the base’s name likely indicates the base was built after Atlas Rises (so after August 11, 2017).

No Man's Sky_20180521213111
Sole comm station on this world (May 21, 2018).

Communication Stations: There is one communication station a few meters away from the northern side of the base, placed by ButterForTheKing. Its reads: “Gone to new HUB, see you there.”


Planet Lajodanssysl is covered by shallow oceans and pearl-like island oases largely covered in short, green grass and white sandy beaches. Red-leafed trees dot the rolling hills. Caves are common. Rock outcrops thrust through the earth to provide clear, elevated vantage points. Extreme storms blow through every 15 minutes or so, bringing with them scalding rain and temperatures of 207.7 F. Regular daytime temperatures hover just above 96 F with full sun. Large, stegosaurus-like creatures roam the plains, while over a dozen animal species clutter whatever is not flat.


Base Description

ButterBase 1.3 is a tri-level shotgun structure oriented northwest-southeast in the middle of a grassy plain on a small island. Most of the building is surrounded by a metal fence to give it a feeling of a country home with open gates leading to automated doors. Entering the base unit from the northwest, the left features the base ID unit, and the teleporter is on the right. Further to the right is a Vy’keen blueprint vendor, “Architect Bug.” Continuing on, the door opens up to a small space with stairs heading up, flanked by decorative trade terminals. Doors open to the left and right. Heading upstairs, one enters a lablike setting with a grouping of four hydroponic trays, three of which support mature Coprite Flower, Gamma Weed, and Star Bramble plants. A door at the back opens onto a beach. Most of the room is roofed with curved glass to let the light in. Turning around, one sees an Atlas diamond decal above the stairs. To the left and right, additional stairways lead up to the third level with standing planters (that can be farmed for carbon) along each wall. A weapons station occupies the east wall. To the south is a holographic door looking out on to the planet’s sole communication station. More carbon plants line the west wall.


This base was likely constructed as a simple home on a nearby planet in order to escape the new, harsh conditions opposed on his homeworld after v1.3. He did not explore or bother to investigate any of the plants and animals just outside his doors. Left alone in a vacated region, he ultimately joined the exodus to the new Hub. We are left with a single, tantalizing image of his previous building, an almost art deco creation now lost to time. Or so I thought (see the coda below the video).



All of archaeology could benefit from having subreddits dedicated to individual sites, a kind of living, breathing site gazeteer. The Galactic Hub project is doing it right, with various users posting updates on their travels, discoveries, and their own bases. After doing some light research following my visit to ButterBase 1.3, I found this post from ButterForTheKing from February 2018 indicating that having moved to the New Hub to settle in system HUB1-!X-110, that he decided to rebuild the Temple. This might be the first instance in NMS of seeing a reconstruction/restoration/reimagining of a Heritage space, a New Temple copy of the Old Temple built in 2017 and since lost.

The player notes separately that one cannot visit older bases, and that he must rely on others to report back to him when they visit one of his previous builds. Regarding the Old Temple, he writes, “Thank you everyone who visited my old ‘ghost’ of a temple while i was away.” In a previous post, I noted that the game slows down when one encounters a player-made structure. This is true of the New Temple. ButterForTheKing notes that the temple is of “maximum complexity so prepare for a big FPS drop when you get near,” confirming what I thought when visiting the ziggurat on Horner.

Once I figure out the coordinates of the new Hub, I plan on visiting the New Temple to see what an NMS heritage restoration effort looks like, creating something new from the memory (and evidence) of something old.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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