No Man's Sky_20170422231300
Ruins of the base on Elebor (May 19, 2018) superimposed over the original build (May 5, 2017)

No logic can describe what happened to the Longitude Base of Elebor. On arrival, the planet tossed me back into space (see video below). On return, the base appeared in a new location, but in a ruined state with less than half of the original build preserved. Player UniDestiny, the Galactic Cartographer, built the Longitude Base in April 2017, and a full description of the base-as-built is written up in the Galactic Hub’s wiki. What remains is pictured above.


May 18, 2018

Initial recon brought me to Elebor (and says I discovered the system “Oyaga”, but UniDestiny did, renaming it HUB3-G-CC-Makonis). It is unclear to me why the name was not preserved; my other system visits retained the current name given to it by a Hub player. Also, unlike previous explorations to Heritage sites, no base marker appeared when scanning the system upon arrival. Skeptical, I decided to trigger a new save-game by landing, immediately returning to the space station, teleporting to another one, and then back again to Elebor’s system. UniDestiny’s base flag appeared. Flying there, I saw no comm station markers, and approaching the base noted that it was completely buried.  The game glitched(?) by pushing me back into space when I flew over the site. As it was late at night (in real-time), I returned to Drogradur so as not to reset the world, which happened anyway.

May 19, 2018

Returning to Elebor’s system the following morning, it displayed as “HUB3-G-CC Makonis” instead of “Oyaga.” The base on Elebor was gone, however, but another base by player kohoninto(?) appeared on another planet, which caused me no shortage of panic. The system was back, but the base was gone (again). Comm station markers appeared on Elebor, however, so I landed at a cluster of four of them placed where UniDestiny’s base was supposed to be. While on the planet’s surface, I restored from the current save, causing koho’s base to disappear. UniDestiny’s base then reappeared, this time above ground, but in a state of disrepair when compared to its original build I found online. The comm station indicators disappeared again when looking for them on the surface. As normal, I flew into orbit to measure the planet’s circumference at which point the comm station markers reappeared. With the base and comm stations back in place, I was able to complete my work, but am mystified at how delicate the galactic ecosystem is when dealing with cached Legacy spaces and artifacts. I may never know what was on that other base in the system, but it was likely placed there by a more recent traveller, temporarily overwriting the Cartographer’s home on Elebor.


Anatomy of Elebor

Planet: Elebor
Base Name: Longitude Base
Discovered/Built by: UniDestiny
Legacy Hub (formerly Galactic Hub)
System: [HUB-G-CC] Makonis (F.Ships, NeutMod+106%)

Type: “Airless” planet
Weather: Peaceful Climate
Sentinels: Minimal

Flora: Empty. According to the Discoveries log, 13 plant species ( all “common”) were discovered. No plants exist on the planet now.
Fauna: Empty. Also based on the Discoveries log, 9 animal species once existed on the planet, 8 of which were found earlier, but no animals now survive.

Economy: Metal Processing // Satisfactory
Dominant Lifeform: Gek
Conflict Level: Untroubled

No Man's Sky_20180519084023

Planet Base Coordinates: YUCNO:046A:0081:0D6E:00CC (from a signal booster I planted about a 1-minute walk away from the base.)
Portal Coordinates: There are no portals on this world anymore because of its barren classification.

Resources (according to the log): Star Bulb, Aluminum, Nickel, Heridium, most of which I found (except Star Bulb).

Exterior Temp: Range between 120.5 F, 1.6 Rad, 0.6 Tox (day) and 0.9 F, 0.3 Rad, 9.0 Tox (night)
Storms: none
Length of Day: 1 real-time minute = 45 minutes on Horner. 32 real-time minutes = 1 day on Elebor.
Sunrise: 0400
Sunset: 2000

Circumference: ca. 8 minutes (480 seconds) at 4756u/s = 2,282,880u or ca. 2,282ku (exactly the same as Drogradur)
Diameter: ca. 726ku
Volume: 2 x 108 u = 200,358,829u

No Man's Sky_20180519075800

Waypoints: 2 Waypoints discovered on April 24, 2017. One was renamed “Farside Base.”

The date indicates when they were uploaded to the Online Services (Atlas server).

Communication Stations: The comm stations are loosely grouped together at the original base site. The new base site relocated to the west, a 6-hour walk from the old site.

No. Color Placed By Text Note
1 orange UniDestiny Elebor Portal – Awaiting activation…. Buried
2 orange abu_madiel When is now now? Soon Buried
3 orange vongregor Portal this way Half-Buried
4 red w gray trim damon8r351 Come find me. 0E96:007E:0903:0013. -B.H.
5 orange AndyKrycek Greetings UniDestiny! Praise JW 😉
6 orange w blue trim Ryder_E-E Hello, came for a short visit. 🙂
7 blue w yellow trim soutoyobes Hey, grow something on that dome 😉
8 orange unknown Gnat was here Aug 8/17 Floating


Note that two of the comm stations indicate the presence of a portal, but are far enough apart to hint at two portals. Earlier planets could have more than one portal, so this might be an example of that phenomenon. Damon, Andy, and Ryder make another appearance as they have on previously reported Legacy Hub worlds, which is beginning to create a map of travel for each of these players. Also, based on the Waypoint dates here and on other worlds, we can continue to observe the emerging sprawl of Galactic Hub settlement.


Rocky with rolling hills and occasional mountains. Cave coverage is spotty and dispersed. Arches of nickel are fairly common and rarely out of sightline. Occasional dry wadis indicate the presence of water at one time. Floating rocks and mesas are common, hovering about 10–15m over the ground.


Base Description

UniDestiny’s base is oriented roughly east-west with the base unit opening to the west. A Roamer exocraft geobay lies just east of the main building. A Nomad exocraft geobay is immediately to the west. The building preserves a coiled, snakelike build, which is incomplete. The base unit ID and blueprint vendor are intact. Walking down a short corridor, one walks up a flight of stairs adjacent to an automatic door that opens into the air. A second flight of stairs leads one to a bare room and a dead-end corridor. The entire structure is absent of furniture and decoration, unlike its complete build, which is pictured below.

Interiors of the Longitude Base taken on May 5, 2017.

Elebor has been the strangest planet to encounter so far, and its mysteries continue to reveal the inner machinations of No Man’s Sky itself while offering bona fide ruins to document. On other worlds, most of the bases are restored intact, but this one was different, and I’m not sure why. At least we have older images and descriptive text to help us reconstruct the base that had been there, and then wandered off.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming

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