Come play with us!

Lennart Linde (Goethe-University Frankfurt) and I are organizing a panel on “practical archaeogaming” for the 2018 EAA annual meeting in September in Barcelona. Here’s what that means:

Video games, virtual worlds, and other software are digital built environments, which have been constructed by people for other people to inhabit for personal, professional, and commercial reasons. Nearly everyone lives and works within this blended reality mediated by smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles, spending hours of our waking lives engaging with synthetic spaces and the people present in them. How can archaeologists investigate these born-digital landscapes, sites, and artifacts using and updating archaeological tools, method, and theory to create a community of practice?

This session offers presentations of archaeologists actively involved in digital fieldwork, documenting abandonment of virtual spaces, reverse-engineering code for epigraphic and palaeographic studies, looking at formation processes within synthetic environments, and recording evidence of digital material culture, paying special attention to the theoretical framework and methodology underpinning those explorations.

To submit a 15 minute paper to our session please visit:

Deadline for submissions: 15. February 2018

Email me if you have questions.


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