Over the past six months I’ve been busy writing my book, Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in (and of) Video Games. Because I’ve been writing the book, I haven’t been writing here, but that should begin to change now that the first draft of the book’s manuscript is finished (nearly 76,000 words) and is fermenting in a drawer in my basement until November when I’ll take it out and revise it. I’ll submit the final manuscript to my publisher, Berghahn Books, at the end of the year. The book will be published sometime in 2017. If you’re interested, here’s what to expect:

Chapter 1: What is archaeogaming? (Lays out the premise of the book)

Chapter 2: Real-World Archaeogaming (archaeological theory, the Atari dig, arcades and social gaming, Lionhead Studios and the archaeology of a game developer studio, what happens when games change, game typologies and chronology)

Chapter 3: Playing as Archaeologists (reception of archaeology and archaeologists in games, archaeologist NPCs, archaeology and Hearthstone, looting/auctioning, looting in Elder Scrolls Online)

Chapter 4: Video Games as Archaeological Sites (how is a game a site, archaeogaming tools and methods, glitches-as-artifacts, garbology in games, other in-game archaeologies)

Chapter 5: Material Culture of the (Im)material (intro, video game museums, virtual artifacts and real-world manifestation, experimental archaeology in games, cosplay, commerce and numismatics)

Chapter 6: Archaeologists and Creating Video Game Context and Content (archaeologists as game-makers, developers and design, augmented reality (in games), lore and lore communities, re-creations)

Chapter 7: Machine-Created Culture (complexity science, procedural games, ethnoarchaeology, No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey)

Chapter 8: Philosophy of Archaeogaming (quantum entanglement, gametime, (im)material culture, complexity-created artifacts, deism)

Chapter 9: Conclusion

I look forward to sharing the book with you when it’s out, and I hope to resume my regular blogging soon.

—Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming


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