Below is a map/chart of archaeogaming as I see it, and largely reflects what I and my colleagues are doing in the field right now. There is certainly a lot of room for growth and participation. If you’re ever stuck for something to write about, or are curious as to what archaeogaming is, perhaps this will help. If you have suggestions of things to include, email me at archaeogaming at gmail dot com.


I created the text. Shawn Graham created the design, which is ripped from the mind of Randall Munroe, author of the web comic xkcd. The figures are from the “Time Capsule” xkcd strip¬†licensed as CC-BY-NC.

You may download the image from this post, which when opened in a viewer will appear as full-size (1800 px wide).

-Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming


  1. Cheers for this! I’m putting together a piece on “archaeogaming” and was struggling to find a clear definition of the term. This image pretty much solves that problem.. ^_^

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