Liara, Mass Effect 3
Liara, Mass Effect 3

As part of my world tour of Sweden in March 2015, I presented a 45-minute lecture at the University of Umeå, “You Call this Archaeology?” In the lecture, I explored how archaeologists and archaeology are received/perceived by video game developers and players. I didn’t have enough time to show the video clips, so I’ve created a list below. There are scores of others, but these will get you started. For those of you who are new to the Internet, click on an entry to play the video:

Mass Effect 3 (Liara)

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (“A Lesson in Archaeology”)

World of Warcraft (“Archaeology Tutorial”)

The Secret World (“The Big Terrible Picture”)

The Secret World (Full walkthrough of “The Big Terrible Picture”)

The Secret World (Meeting the Archaeologists)

Raiders of the Lost Ark Playthrough (Atari)

Amaranthine Voyage 1

Entombed (1:30 to read journal)

La-Mulana (0:45 start)

Qin (journal/artifacts)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Wii (toolkit): Part One and Part Two

Uncharted Waters Online (Stockholm)

Skyrim Archaeology (1:50, 19:45)

Rick Dangerous (1:00)

Roman Town

Borderlands (“Eridian Artchaeology”)

Lego Hobbit (Archaeologists Pick . . . for looting)

BONUS! Play these two archaeology games for free RIGHT NOW!


Hunt the Ancestor

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  1. You should show depictions of archaeology in the Star Wars ‘Old Republic’ games. The Sith are far more interested in their predecessors than the Jedi, whose ignorance is their downfall.

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